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Hi there! I'm

Patricia Ciavarello. 

I am an educator, researcher, and writer with a doctorate in business, and a mom of twins dedicated to helping you navigate life’s stresses, challenges, emotions, and unexpected moments, giving you the tools to live a life you love and that doesn’t run you.

I believe that you have to walk through vulnerability to get the courage to crawl out of your darkest moments and greatest challenges. I remember hitting rock bottom and battling the hardest moments of my entire life and thinking to myself, I am NEVER going to be able to crawl out of this hole. And from that hole came the biggest breakthroughs.

I wish I had someone beside me who knew the path and encourage me through my hardest moments. There I was, a new mom of twins, after being hospitalized for over three months, finally  home with two beautiful babies, only to be hit by severe postpartum, suddenly lost my job, and felt like the world beneath me was literally falling apart.

I was doing my doctorate at the time, literally from my hospital bed, and everyone told me to quit. That it was impossible.

There started the journey of my purpose. I knew right then and there that I would never give up on me or anyone else. That I would be a voice for everyone struggling with all sorts of challenges, fighting for their dreams, and don’t know where to turn. For everyone that wants more out of life but not sure how to get there.

Yes, I am an educator, marketing expert, researcher, and writer, but beyond that, I am a guiding voice for those struggling to help them find that “secret sauce” to living a happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

I got your back and believe in YOU and your ability to change your life for the better.  

And together, we will have a big ole platter of spaghetti filled with that “secret sauce” one soupy strand at a time.


"I always had a hard time finding balance with all of life's stresses. I was so sick and tired or feeling overwhelmed, worried, and the anxiety was never-ending. Patricia's tools and perspective have completely shifted my way of life and has given me a sense of calm in the chaos, something I never thought possible."
"For so long, I struggled with my thoughts and emotions. It was an exhausting, never-ending train of thoughts. Listening to Patricia and reading her vulnerability made me feel like I was never alone. She found the exact words I needed to hear to the thoughts I have fought with my entire life. It was like an epiphany, a true lightbulb moment that I am forever grateful for."
New York
"Patricia always knows the right words to make me feel calm. Her voice is like a meditation. Now I know my worth and my perspective has completely changed. I know loving myself is not selfish, it is necessary to make"


 "Patricia is a woman of compassion, who offers support for those on this adventure of motherhood and living life fully. Her wisdom for self-care in the middle of overwhelm is very practical and effective in coping with the unknown of each day. Listen carefully and you will learn the skills to enjoy the moment and be present in the midst of life's struggles. She is a voice of healing and vulnerability for all mothers and women across the globe. "


Margaret, Philadelphia 
Holistic Nurse
"Patricia's audio guide and training is a must-listen if juggling life as a busy mom or woman is leaving you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stretched to the limit. Offering useful tools and advice for anyone in their quest for balance and inner peace, Patricia beautifully fulfills that role and is that understanding friend and supportive guide we all need in our lives. Patricia openly shares her own struggles with motherhood and life in a way that both engages and connects with us all. She is an encouraging thought leader and positive influence on women globally."
United Kingdom
"I was going through a really difficult time after the loss of my mother and Patricia gave me a sense of comfort through the grief. She is an extraordinary human being and I am forever grateful."
New York
"Patricia gave me the courage to stop putting myself last and doubting myself. It is because of her that I started my own business and I am forever grateful."
"Patricia provides an invaluable listening experience. She shares relevant information, excellent tips, and strategies to manage stress and anxiety. "
New York
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