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Do you want to be right, or happy?

Sometimes we just want to be mad.

Prove our point.

Make others feel our pain.

Make a wrong, right.

It validates our feelings.

It makes us feel vindicated.

It makes us feel heard.

But if you are constantly fighting to be right, it is a battle you will continue to fight forever.

There will always be someone mad, or angry, or just plain wrong.

Spreading lies.


Out to get you.

It is not your responsibility to convince them otherwise.

It is not your responsibility to “fix” them.

Maybe you are right, maybe they are right, and maybe there is the truth somewhere in-between.

But many times, our ego gets in the way.

The need to be right.

We are unable to see the other's perspective whether we agree or not.

We are unable to empathize because we are stuck in our own hurt.

We are unable to see the fear behind the hurt.

You have no idea what that other person may be going through.

What they went through in their life.

What struggles they are battling.

What is making them so angry?

What has hardened their heart?

The root of it probably has absolutely nothing to do with you at all.

The moment you are able to observe and be aware of yourself rather than judge others….

The moment you are able to let go of the defensiveness and the need to be right….

The moment you are able to empathize whether you agree or not….

The moment you are able to not be hurt by what others think of you….

That is where your happiness lies.

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