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Ever wonder if you are truly happy within yourself and the life you live? Let’s talk about Sally for a moment.

Sally is just getting home from work. Her day was filled with putting out fires, 1,543,674 emails and compiling responsibilities.

Before arriving home, she sits in an hour-long traffic jam thinking about all the things she has to get done when she gets there.

She quickly changes her clothes, rushes into the kitchen to make dinner. Everyone is demanding her attention.

She is already depleted and tired.

She washes the dishes, gives the kids a bath, reads them a book, puts them to bed and collapses in her bed staring at the ceiling.

As she stares up, she wonders…. Am I truly happy with myself? Do I wake up with excitement or dread?

Sound familiar?


In the busyness of life, it is easy to find yourself on that hamster wheel, going through the motions and not thinking twice about it.

What do you think is holding you back in this very moment?

Sometimes it takes a life altering event to jolt you back into awareness or, even worse, some people give up entirely on their passions and dreams.

They go to school, get the job, go to work, get married, have kids and then look back at their life and think, did I lose myself in the process?

Maybe you are searching for your parent’s approval or are subject to the many societal and cultural expectations put on us through unspoken or spoken pressure.

Then you look back and suddenly, the “shoulds” have taken over your life.

You should get a better job.

You should be grateful for what you have.

You should have kids.

Should versus want is a very big distinction.

What people suggest you “should” be doing could go against every fiber of your being for what you want….so ultimately, who wins?


You, yes you, have something very special to offer this world.

It is something only you possess and can give.

Your life, your experiences have prepared you for this. You have everything you need to bring it to fruition.

The question is are you going to go after the life you want or the life people say you “should” have.

You are ultimately the one who wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night happy or still searching for it.

So start today, and do not let the opinion of others steer you away from fulfilling your own happiness.

Don’t let resentment, boredom, and exhaustion continue to knock at your door because you are ultimately unfulfilled.

Maybe you think your dreams are silly, or unreachable, or that it is too late.

Maybe you think that it is selfish to go after those dreams.

It is not.

Your dreams are not silly or unreachable.

You are 100% responsible for your own happiness and have a responsibility to share that gift that only you have and can give the world.


Ever have that feeling of just an inner knowing?

Or maybe you got this feeling that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Or maybe life has really challenged you and you are thinking to yourself, why me. What now.

Just like Tony Robbins always says “Nothing in life happens to you, it happens for you.”

But you know, as I am typing this, exactly what your dreams are.

It was the first thing you thought of because it fills your heart with warmth and excitement.

And yes, maybe you gave up on them yesterday, or 20 years ago, but life has prepared you for this very moment.

It has equipped you with lessons, and growth and the self-awareness to not give up on you or your dreams any longer.

It doesn’t have to be built overnight.

You don’t have to have all the answers.

You just need to start.

Do a google search. Ask a friend. Call an expert.

Do one thing to move the needle.

And then do it again, and again, and again.

Sometimes you won’t feel like doing it. Do it anyway.

You have great potential and a unique purpose within you, a destiny to fulfill.

It is your responsibility to develop your talents, pursue your dreams and share that with the world.

It’s a gift that only you can give.

Small incremental steps towards your goal will build your knowledge, your confidence, and ultimately your happiness.

Your inner knowing always knows what the heart wants and how to be happy within yourself.

Honor that and be true to what you always knew makes you happy from within and filled your happiness cup overflowing with abundance.

What is your inner knowing? As always, the best conversations happen in the comments below so leave one now.

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