01. Why it is my mission to be there for every mom

Season #1

Hey, my name is Patricia Ciavarello and I am obsessed with all things motherhood and helping you keep calm in the chaos of motherhood and life's unexpected moments. I am a mom of twins with a doctorate in business whose world fell apart and had to pick myself up piece by piece. I am not an expert, but I have totally been there and I am so far from perfect, but definitely not afraid to get real and vulnerable. 

I teach you the secrets to motherhood and life I wish someone told me, because as much as we wish there was, nobody hands you a mommy manual. So pull up a seat, get comfy and get ready for me to spill my secrets. This is Real Mom Truths Nobody Tells You.  

 In this episode you will learn about: 

- My three-month hospital stay and journey with postpartum depression

- How I struggled with new mom anxiety and fear

- How I reinvented myself after suddenly losing my job 

- Why it is my mission to help women across the globe

As always, I promise to be here for you and serve you and cheer you on every step of the way and spill all the secrets of motherhood and life I wish someone told me. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Real Mom Truths Nobody Tells You podcast.

Until next time. Keep on celebrating. Because you, my friend, you are so worth it.  

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