Real Mom

Truths 101...

I am a mom of twins that gets it and is officially spilling all her secrets...

Hey, my name is Patricia Ciavarello and I am a mom of twins with a doctorate in business whose not afraid to get real and vulnerable. 
I teach you the secrets to motherhood and life I wish someone told me, because as much as we wish there was, nobody hands you a mommy manual. So pull up a seat, get comfy and get ready for me to tell you everything...

If you ever...

  • feel anxiety and fear, you are not alone.

  • feel sad, or guilty for feeling sad, you are not alone.  

  • poked at your post pregnancy body and felt you look ugly, you are not alone. 

  • feel like you have lost yourself in motherhood, you are not alone. 

  • feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. 

  • feel the need to be perfect, you are not alone. 

  • feel mom guilt, you are not alone. 

How do I know? Because I felt all of them. 

If you ever....

  • feel like relationships are really hard after children, you are not alone. 
  • have past hurts come to the surface during motherhood, you are not alone. 
  • feel like you are not good enough, you are not alone. 
  • feel like you never have enough time, you are not alone. 
  • feel like people around you have no boundaries, you are not alone. 
  • feel like things keep getting swept under the rug, you are not alone. 
  • feel like you can never get in control of your day, you are not alone. 
Tell me everything!

Can you overcome challenges in YOUR life?

100% Absolutely.

Here are some that I experienced

in my first year of motherhood with twins.

 I always had a hard time finding balance with all of life's stresses. I was so sick and tired or feeling overwhelmed, worried, and the anxiety was never-ending. Patricia's tools and perspective have completely shifted my way of life and has given me a sense of calm in the chaos, something I never thought possible.



I am not even a mom and every single word resonated. Patricia helped me heal after the loss of my mom. She is an extraordinary human being.

South Carolina

For so long, I struggled with my thoughts and emotions. It was an exhausting, never ending train of thoughts. Listening to Patricia and hearing her vulnerability made me feel like I was never alone. She found the exact words I needed to hear to the thoughts I have fought with my entire life. It was like an epiphany, a true light bulb moment that I am forever grateful for.  

New York

Here is exactly what we cover in

Real Mom Truths 101... 

I was tired of seeing moms suffer in silence...


As an educator, my passion for teaching along with my real life experiences with twins is what inspired helping so many other moms live their happiest life, without having to figure it all out from scratch. 

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What you get... 

  • Over 4 hours of content. 
  • A workbook to guide you along the way
  • My favorite recipes for mom and baby
  • My go-to grocery list
  • My sleep secrets (Need proof? Watch video!)
  • A community of uplifting moms that promises to cheer you on every step of the way!

Time to invest in YOU
and put YOU first. 


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